Monday, September 15, 2008

Thing 23. Final Thoughts

I have completed it!! I did learn a lot it would be nice to see some more IT things in there for supporting computer in the library.

Thing 22. What Did I Learn Today?

I added the RSS feed ALATechsource. I agree that we need to do self- improvement. I also think that we should be allowed sometime at work to do this if it is related to our work. Keeping updated on the current changes and events in our professions will help us stay efficient in our work environment. If not everyone looses.

Thing 21. Beyond MySpace: Other Social Networks

I singed up for web junction doing this will allow me to learn about information from other that are dealing with the same type of problems that I am. I found other interesting groups for personal use that would be fun to be a part of and share knowledge.

Thing 20: Libraries and Social Networks

I have now created a Facebook page and Myspace account. Something I thought I would never do. But I could see so good of it there is some groups out there that I maybe able to learn something from. I will have to check it out more to see.

By just doing a little browsing around I can see a lot of libraries and groups associated to libraries that could share ideas. I added myself to some groups that I thought would be beneficial to my profession.

Thing 19: Podcasts

I listened to one of the memoirs for School Libraries I also listened to “An Interview with the Quintessential Children’s Librarian.”

I could see where there is some information that pertains to my job that it would be nice to have an RSS feed so that you could be updated when new information is added. I listened to a couple of pod casts and did have some good information.

Thing 18 You tube and other online vidoes

I could not find the about to add the link correctly so I did it this way

I could spending a lot of time here watching videos. I could see where online videos could allow a presence so that younger user of the library could see what you have to offer to them and create and intrest in coming into the library.

Thing 17: ELM Productivity Tools

There is a lot more information available from ELM than I knew about I played around with some of the databases just to see what information I could find. I did learn that you need to be really specific or you information that does not pertain to what you are looking for.

I could also see they way they have it broke out in age specific groups that it would be most helpful to Liberians to direct patrons to where they need to look for information that will help them.

One thing I noticed that they videos for set up either don’t work or take about 10 – 15 minutes to load.